Monday, August 4, 2014

Great Ways to Cartoon Yourself

With many creative options available online, most of us are constantly looking for ways to create portraits. Converting your photograph into a cartoon is one creative idea that is fast catching on. With Internet new technologies traveling at lighting pace, it is much easier to create a cartoon caricature of your photo right from the comfort of your home without going anywhere. In this article we examine the top ways of creating a cartoon image of yourself and the pros and cons of each of these methods.
Free websites
Today many websites offer the service of converting your photograph into a similar looking cartoon character for free. There are a host of these sites that allow you to quickly upload your digital photograph and quickly convert it into a caricature in a matter of minutes, often seconds.
Advantages: These sites are quick to use and allow you to see results in a matter of minutes. Also they are free of charge, so often there is no harm in trying.

Disadvantages: Results obtained at such sites are often not professional with the cartooned photo looking much like your digital picture. Also, while the photo may be useful as an online avatar, printing the same can be tedious, with limited printing options. Also, the method of printing and quality of the output is totally left on to you.
Hiring Artists
Many freelance artists can be spotted at malls and other places, and are ready to draw a cartoon out of the real you. To avail of this, you need to visit a good artist, wait for your turn and get a real cartooned portrait done. This often takes time and you will need to take out at least an hour of your precious time to avail of this.
Advantages: The benefit of such a portrait is that you get an original looking cartoon caricature of you, something that free sites cannot offer you.
Disadvantages: The quality of your portrait is not in your hands and cannot often be altered. Also the process is time taking with you having to wait for your turn. Again, the mediums on which you can print too are limited.
Software tools
Photoshop, Illustrator and many other software tools also allow you to convert photos to cartoon images. To make use of this, either you need to be well-versed with the platforms or need to learn them. While these software can be useful as a starting point, often the quality of image produced is not so great.
Advantages: Easy to use with the end results being totally in your hands. If you know the software, then the end product comes free of charge.
Disadvantages: The process is time taking, mediums on which you print are limited and the quality of finish may not be good if you are not a pro.
Professional Studios
Few art studios also offer the service of creating a cartoon image for you. These studios have a team of artists who use their creative talent coupled with relevant technologies to create cartoon replicas for you. These studios will charge you a little more, but give a high quality picture. You can check for these places in your neighborhood or look for global art providers online also.
Advantages: You get a professionally done image, you have a choice of mediums, you can select the end results and also save time and effort.
Disadvantages: As compared to other forms of cartooning, this works out to be slightly expensive. Also you may need to ensure the quality of artwork.
Cartooning oneself whether it be for online social media avatars or for home/office d├ęcor displays is fast catching popularity. If you want a professionally done job, opt for studios that give great results and try to match your preferences. If it is just for fun, do check out the free websites, and watch yourself transform!
Ronan Le Breton is a pop art enthusiast who also manages a pop art studio in Bali. Known as Personal Art, this studio promotes 21 distinct pop art styles made available on diverse media. More information on Ronan and Personal Art can be found at


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