Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Cartoonize Yourself -9 Best Fun Websites

Converting your picture into a cartoon avatar is a fun and interesting thing to do when you are getting bored or feeling to get some likes from social media. Getting a like on face book from your whole friend list by uploading your photos in cartoon characters just like you, isn’t it fun? You can make different cartoon avatars that look just like you or converting your picture into one through a number of websites on the internet. “Cartoonize yourself effects” adds a funky look to your picture; many designers make their pictures by converting them in cartoon avatars which add a creativity element to the image.

Cartoonize Yourself Websites
It can be done through various websites that provide you free online tools to customize your picture in which ever design you may like but, watch out for some websites that advertise them in a banner ad in some pages and persuading you to click them in order to make your cartoon picture because, these websites are always fake and you will end up in installing some kind of virus in your computers. If you are thinking of good websites to cartoonize yourself, here are some trusted free websites that we have featured for you. is a popular website that offers different services in online photo editing and is one of it. You can apply different cartoon effects on your photos and add some funny expression to it and share it with your friends and others. It is totally free and very easy to use website and lets you add so many graphic effects to your photos. If you feel bore and want to do something exciting and new, than go to, cartoonize yourself with different effects and enjoy.
Cartoonize is a fun website that lets you cartoonize your pictures freely. If you are feeling bore at any time and want to have some fun just go to and make your cartoon avatars. Once you get online, just select your photo and upload it. There are different cartoon effects from which you can choose, after choosing an effect click the “Cartoonize Now” button and you will see your cartoon avatar. Be creative and try out many varieties of cartoon effects.
Kusocartoon is an online source to create nice cartoon portraits of your pictures. It requires that you should have Javascript enabled and the photo quality should be high to get the best results. You can convert your photos to cartoon by a simple process, just select the style for your cartoon and upload your picture. After conversion, you can also optimize your cartoon avatar. The registration is totally free and you will get your own gallery to keep your all pictures safely in it.
thecartoonist-Cartoonize-Yourself is a unique website for converting your photos into cartoon avatars through different tools that it has. You can create a professional looking cartoon avatar of your picture. The process is also very simple, just upload your photo on the website, choose which style you want and cartoonize yourself.
Portrait Illustration Maker provides the service of creating character icon for totally free. You can enjoy them for your personal or business use. Cartoon characters are available for blog site or SNS. Once the avatar is completed, right click on it and save it as “save picture as” to download it.
6. BeFunky
BeFunky is one of the best online photo editors online that is free and requires no registration. You can add anything from a vintage filter to artsy effect on your pictures or make them look new. You can also save your photos once they get cartoonized and share them to social networks. It gives you a photo saves of high quality up to 4000px X 4000px but, it requires a premium membership.
AnyMaking is a fun photo effects and editing website that allows you access to make fun photo effects to your pictures and share them with your friends. AnyMaking is free to use and with its tools you can make beautiful art work from your daily pictures. Just select any funny photo editing tool and upload your picture and get cartoonized.
Snapstouch offers free online tools through which you can convert any photo into a sketch, photo to painting, photo to drawing and photo to single shade by a single click without any charges and registration. You can add effects to your pictures with keeping the real size of the picture. It works lighting fast and adds quick effects.
Picture to people or known as the P2P is a project that offers the largest collection of free professional graphic effects. You can run this site from any browsers but Javascript should be enabled. For adding effect to photos, upload the jpg files. There are thousands of free online graphic effects from which you can choose some of which include; Add Text Caption to Photos, Online Cartoon Photo Maker, Cartoon Photo Effect and Chalk Drawing Photo Effect.

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