Friday, June 20, 2014

Transform photos into drawings

Here is our selection of tools for applying a pattern effect to a photograph. We have ensured that these four tools provide additional functionality and are of course free.
Note that all these online services require no registration. So you can use the tool immediately.

Befunky: when your photos become sketches
You will soon realize that Befunky is a very complete line editor. And rather than offering an automatic conversion of our photography drawing, we have a plethora of settings.
You can find the conversion option in section sketcher, as well as the different settings you can change: choice of color background or traits sketch, cleaning level to leave out the main element Image detail of the sketch (which will thicken the particular trait).

befunky editor

The Paint mode is also interesting for your artwork because it can hold together the lines in a drawing with the actual colors of the original image. automatic processing rather successful
Whether the proposed effects here offer no particular setting, it is also rather they do the job well. So we have 5 automatic effects. We propose to discover images (chalk drawing, pencil sketch, lines on fire ...)

Sketch drawing effect

In cartoon mode Cartoonize
Stay in the theme of the design with the automatic conversion of image visual cartoon. The multiplicity of effects is significant and the method has nothing complicated. All effects are not good, but some are worth visiting:

cartoon effect pencil drawing end
If there are many online tools that transform quickly into a clich√© photo, many offer very coarse results. The service we invite you to discover here stands with a rather successful transformation. They let you judge ...

pencil end 


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