Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sites To Create your own avatar

Here is a treat with some services creating avatars:
Considered one of the best services and most used by users in forums and social networks, just go the site and create your avatar your way.

Just upload a photo that you can create a cartoon or Avatar.
befunky cartoon avatar profile befunky avatar Uvatar profile

Just upload your picture and choose what effect you want to apply the image.
avatarr cartoon profile
Simple service and very easy to use if you have no images, it lets you search on Google a picture of your choice and use it to create the avatar.

For those who want to become a character from The Simpsons.
simpson cartoon avatar

An ideal service for avatars for MSN Messenger criares.
msn messenger avatars

Here you can build and animate your 3D avatar.
Meez 3D avatar

As the name implies, this is a service offered by Yahoo. To use it, just need to have a Yahoo account.
yahoo avatars

Site full of your avatar customizations pro beyond the possibility of adding balloons and accessories.

If you're a fan of Japanese cartoons, famous manga, you will really enjoy this site.
Manga Face Maker

Now you can be a character from South Park.
south park avatars

If user is like the Wii and the avatar style, will enjoy the www.myavatareditor.com .
It is a very simple application, no need to register, lets you create avatars similar to the Nintendo Wii.
Once created, customizing every detail of the body, can export it in jpg or png.

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