Wednesday, July 9, 2014

9 The World That Can Use To Create Your Own Cartoons

If you are a user of Facebook, Twitter or other social networking site users and want to hide your real photo in profile on the site, then you can obscure your photo into a cartoon character .  There are many websites that you can use to transform your images into character cartoon. You can replace your original picture into cartoon characters such as avatars substitute atu profile photo on social media sites. Here TeknoBagus! postingkan 9 sites that can be used to help you  make a cartoon yourself and you do not need to pay someone else to make yourself a cartoon illustration.
All online applications are in the post below is free to use and does not need to install any application on your PC, simply upload an image into the app and start creating cartoon characters themselves.

9 sites to create their own cartoon
1.  Cartoonize
2.  Befunky
4.  WeeWorld
5.  Face Your Manga
6.  Yahoo! Avatars
7.  South Park Studio
8.  Avatar Portrait Illustration Maker
9.  Mii characters
This site allows you to turn photos or drawings into cartoons. The process of conversion of photos into cartoon can be done quickly on this site.
BeFunky allows you to create photo effects, photo editing online and of course turn your photos into a cartoon effect.
This site is able to transform images into animated moving images with gif extension with a cool cartoon effect.
In the WeeWorld site you can not only turn your photos into cartoons, but you can also change the appearance of accessories or other styles.
As the name implies, this site will make your avatar into a Manga cartoon characters. You can create as you wish in just a few clicks away ..
Why do not you try an avatar which is provided by Yahoo!? Just choose an avatar to suit your personality, or the fact you can choose an avatar that is opposite to your character for your character actually obscure.
Not only can transform the image into a cartoon character, on this site you can also be part of the site is to join the community.
Have you try the 9 sites that can be used to make the cartoons themselves. Have fun!.

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