Monday, July 14, 2014

Transform your photos and your friends cartoons

do you like to transform the entire world into a cartoon? To your favorite photos or those of your friends, now you you can apply a different effect,leaving them similar to those of a cartoon.
With Cartoonize, this is possible. Simply choose a photo and in a few seconds, the site transformed into a cartoon drawing. With this fun online tool, you'll be able to have fun in your social networks , and the images converted the can use on your Facebook profile Twitter or social network of your choice.
Follow these steps and have fun with new friends face: 

1. Access Cartoonize:

2. To transform photos stored on your computer, click on "upload photo from disk" . If you want to choose pictures for a web address, click on "upload photo from url" ; 3. Click on "Choose File" . Select the image you want to transform. Next, click on "Cartoonize now" ; 4. Wait a few seconds and you'll see your transformed image. To download it to your PC, click on the option "Download" ; 5. If you want to see the full size image, click on "see it in full size" ; 6. Click with the right mouse button on the image and choose "save image as" to save the image on your computer; 7. If you want "cartoonizar" another, click on "convert another photo"and repeat steps 2 to 6; Ready! Now you have your pictures transformed to cartoon, the only detail in the image it is the name of the developer's website appears on the side of the transformed image as a watermark. Additional effects you can apply if you are looking for other effects your photos , the site redirects you to other addresses. In the top menu of the site, click "Watter effect" to apply a watermark effect. For a mirror effect to your images, click on"Mirror effect" . And to see a montage of your photo with some celebrities, click on "My Picture with celebrities" . Whether you are looking for a program that performs a montage of your photo with the simpsons, click on "My Picture with the Simpsons" . And to create animated gifs from images, click on "Create a gif".

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