Wednesday, July 2, 2014


I still don’t feel to old to be dressing up on Halloween and I hope I don’t for a long time. Last Halloween we went with a super hero theme. Ever see the movie Kick Ass and Hit Girl? A lot of people didn’t to our surprise! But we did and loved it so when we saw the costumes it made perfect sense.
When I was creating the layout for Halloween I decided to do something different with the photos to really showcase those funny superhero costumes.
I took three of the best photos- which made me so happy to see we took three very silly poses and cartoon-ized them. No that’s probably not a word.Well I was going for a cartoon/comic strip look but I ended up using the colored pencil feature in Photoshop because it made the photos look better and you can still tell the look I was going for. I also added captions to them to show that comic strip look!
This year we happen to dress up like superheros again. I’ve been looking around for different ideas to achieve that same concept I did for the Kick Ass and Hit Girl costumes- yet something a little different.
I found this generator which I thought was cute. Check out what it did to the photo. It kind of distorts the faces so not sure I want to use this one. However it’s possible to do something cute with it like put it in a photo strip to make it look more like a comic.

I also played around with this cartoon generator which did something similar but I think it may be better. It’s actually more similar to the colored pencil look I did for my Kick Ass and Hit Girl page layout.
What do you think? Does either generator look better or should I stick with the same look I did for the original layout?
I like the idea of being able to take the photo and do something fun with it. It really adds more to your scrapbook and keeps the pages unique.

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