Thursday, July 24, 2014

Five places to create a cartoon to use as our avatar

Cinco sitios donde crear una caricatura nuestra para usarla como avatar

Create an avatar for social networks, forums and the like in which we participate is no mystery. With any photo editor that allows cropping and resizing (ie, almost all), we have more than enough to create a representative image from a half decent picture.
However, we can also use one of the many web services that allow us to create cartoon avatars somuch closer to reality. Let's see five of them, all free, though one calls the e-mail to get the final result we build.

Virtually all take time and roaming the web , but it never hurts to remember that when we want to change the image that represents us across the network, it means to try to make something a little more original than a simple photo.

SP Studio

SP studio
Take the first on the forehead, because I just went to put the service that we can get the result less close to our first look. This site, which is a classic, allows the creation of avatars in the style of the main characters of South Park , the popular animated series. We can customize your avatar by selecting from a wide variety of different elements.
The avatar is full body and also be able to define what makes up you, can add items such as prints on clothing or a sandwich with text that we want. If you like South Park, or at least the style of drawing, this is the ideal place to create you your own character.
No need to register and allows us to download our creation format JPG . Regarding this, stay tuned because in going to download the image browser (Firefox in my case) may prevent it because you asked to open a popup. Question of give permission so that they begin to download the image.
Link | SP Studio

Face Your Manga

Face Your Manga
As the service name says, allows us to generate an avatar with elements drawn manga style . Your level of customization is quite high and although does not have as many options as the previous elements, combining them properly can get pretty dramatic results and are one of our pretty good caricature.
To get the final result, when we're done we introduce our mail and there we sent the link from where you can access the final image (we can always use some account disposable mail ).

Portrait Illustration Maker

Portrait Illustration Maker
Possibly you have more customization options , offering many different types of items to choose from. We can even show us a random selection from which to build from the avatar. As before, the result is a head and shoulders image.
We can take our time to give a result that evokes a pretty decent resemblance to ourselves. However, the bad thing I see is that the end result is an image of a rather small size , which limits their use to services that do not put very large images as avatars. Just do not require any registration.


Osoq is actually a paid service where you can order custom animations and cartoons, but has a pretty nice tool to create your avatar.
In this case, we can create a stubborn character Length . Although we can define many details, gave me the impression that I have not gotten as close to reality as in the above, even though we have enough options to create a fun image result.
Unlike the above services, we can include in this moving elements (resulting in a file GIF ) and resize the image according to the size that we deem appropriate. Neither requires registration .
Link | Osoq

Anime Face Maker

Anime Face Maker
We ended up not exactly a service, but with a flash application made ​​by a user of Deviantart.However, the result obtained I found very pleasant, which has motivated me to include it in this selection.
The application lets you create a face with drawing manga style . Unlike what we offer Face Your Manga, here we can create an image that seems straight out of a Japanese comic either. Given a generic that is usually this style, with the options presented to us often enough to give an image that evokes in us the main elements. However, the application does not have to download or store the image we get, so we have to do to make a screenshot.

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