Thursday, July 3, 2014

Create Cartoon Avatar – Easy Step By Step Instructions

Create Cartoon Avatar – Easy Step By Step InstructionsNowadays, it has become a lot easier for people when they want to create cartoon avatar. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are getting more and more popular. While some people prefer to upload their real pictures to these social networking sites, other people may prefer to hide their real identity and decide to use an avatar for their profile picture. If you are one of those people who prefer the second option, you may want to learn how to create your own avatar.
Learn How to Create Cartoon Avatar 
So how do we create cartoon avatar? For most people, creating their own avatar can be very challenging and difficult, most of us are not artists who are talented when it comes to making an avatar.
Even if you know that there are several computer programs such as Corel Draw or Adobe Photoshop, creating an avatar is still difficult if we are not familiar with these programs. No matter what your purpose is whether you want to create cartoon avatar to enhance your personal branding or you want to upload it to your Facebook account, there are several things you need to know so that you can create an avatar that is impressive and best represents yourself.
First, you need to know the main concept, whether you want to create a funny avatar or a more realistic avatar. This procedure involves the use of your creativity, you should imagine you’re your avatar will look like before you start creating this one by using a computer program. You can find some inspiration from your favorite cartoon character, TV show or other characters that you think can be a great source of inspiration. Next, you should choose the best photo editor program that you think will suit with you the most. If you are more familiar with adobe Photoshop then you should choose this one. If you think that this program is difficult to use, there are other simple programs you can choose.
The next step is to make a draft of the avatar, there are lots of ideas available online when making drafts of your own avatar. In order to give a better look for your avatar, some programs also come with textures and effects. You can also download them online and use them to improve the look of your avatar. Internet is a great source where you can find various effects, textures for your avatar. These are some tips you need to know, overall, create cartoon avatar is something that everyone can do.

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