Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Image Online Tools For Bloggers

1)  Flaming Text  is a free and easy to use online tool logo design software.  You do not need any design experience to create a professional looking logo for your blog.  Simply select the one of high quality logo templates, customize it and then use it on the blog.

2) Cool Text  is one of the most popular free online graphics generators.  You can use it to generate logos, buttons and fonts in your blog.  3)  PicMarkr  allows you to protect your photos with text or image watermarks.  This is a free online tool.  You can upload images and stamp your computer or enter from Picasa, Flickr or Facebook.  PicMarkr supports bulk upload tattoo and allows you to resize uploaded images.  You can choose the width of your photos depending on whether you want to optimize for blogs, forums or email.  4) Favicon.ico image to  help you convert an image, logo or photo *. ICO icon format. This is a free online tool that supports jpg, gif, png, tiff and bmp file formats for download.  Favicon or "Favorites" icon is the small icon that s poster in your browser next to the URL of a site or a blog.  This icon is usually in. ICO.  5)  is a free online avatar generator that lets you create animated or static avatar from your photo.  There are over 70 unique models avatar that you can choose from.  You can also add different cool picture effects for your photos.  It takes like a minute to create a cool avatar that you can use on blogs, forums, Facebook and other social sites.

6) DoppelMe  is another manufacturer avatar online free.  Creating a graphic resemblance cool yourself, your friends and family, or someone else with just a few mouse clicks.  7)  Spamstone  is a free generator GIFs which allows you to convert your e-mail address in the image that you can use on your blog.  This site basically makes your email addresses invisible blog for spambots, thus protecting you against spam.  Your visitors blog will still be able to read and send you an email.  8)  is a one-click online photo enhancer. tool lets you instantly correct your digital photos.  You can quickly remove red eye, correct color and sharpness of the photos, or remove digital noise.  It is ideal for bloggers who do not have much time to improve the photos they want to use on their blogs and elsewhere.  9)  Resizr  is software free web app for resizing images and culture.  It is an extremely useful tool for all bloggers, because it allows us to quickly and easily enhance photos of our blogs and sharing on social networks . Besides cropping and resizing images, you can also rotate, specify the desired size, adjust the contrast, brightness and saturation, white balance or images.  10)  TagCrowd  is web application that allows you to create a tag cloud from any text to visualize word frequency.  You can use it to highlight the most popular and most relevant tags on your blog.  11) ImageChef  is an excellent online tool to create mosaics of words, images for Facebook Timeline cover, or simply drop your photos sketchpads in one of 100 fun frames available.

12) Share the image  allows you to highlight text anywhere on the web and make an image.  This tool is ideal for creating quotes that you can share pictures on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.  13)  Map2Pic you allows you to take screenshots of Google Maps and save jpg or png image file formats.  This is a particularly useful tool for travel bloggers.  14)  Photo Pin  is a tool that will help you find free photos with Creative Commons license that you can use on your blogs.  You can download photos and get attribution links already formatted.

15) PicFont  is a simple application that allows you to quickly add text to picture, canvas or shape.  16) FotoSketcher  automatically turns your photos into drawings, caricatures and paintings.  It basically allows to create pictures from your photos digital in seconds.  The power of the software lies in the fact that you do not need artistic skills.  Simply choose from over 20 effects available and impress your readers with your blog artistic skills.  17) Cartoonize  is a web application that turns your photos into comics with a simple mouse click.  You can upload photos from a disk or a URL and convert them instantly without registration.  Cartoonize supports the following image formats : gif, jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, xbm.

18) myFBCovers  provides ready-made covers for your Facebook profile and timeline as a cover designer chronology. user friendly  This and similar websites are a shortcut to a chronological coverage to professional.  19)  Photo Collage  enables you to create photo collages online animations and picture slideshows.  20) Lunapic  is a photo editor with powerful online to edit your photos from Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.  It allows you to open images directly from your Facebook, Flickr, Picasa and Photobucket accounts account.  You can also upload images from your computer or from the Web with the URL of the image.  Lunapic editor allows you to draw on the image, add text and edge of the image, rotate, resize the image and culture, blending two images, gifs, create, collages, videos and more.  There are many more really useful free tools to create and enhance photos .  Did you favorites?  Share in the comments with the rest of us!


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