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Create Cartoon Character or Picture of Yourself – Top 11 sites

Creating a cartoon character or picture of yourself (also known as avatar) is very easy and fun. You can easily create one using the numerous free applications available online. Here we list the top 10 websites that you can use to create a cartoon character or picture of yourself.
An avatar or a cartoon picture is cool to have and also can be helpful. It sets you apart from all your friends who have plain old photo. It also creates a sense of mystery by hiding the actual you!
So, how can you create a cartoon character or picture of yourself?

Here is our list of the top 11 sites that let you create a cartoon character/picture or avatar of yourself:
This website lets you cartoonize your photo in one click. It is very easy and totally free! You need simply to select or upload your photo, and in the second step you choose the cartoon effect. There is also a desktop version (which you can download to your computer and use without an internet connection) which you can buy or try for free.
Below is a sample of how Cartoonize gives a cartoon effect to your pictures.
Cartoon from photo
FaceYourManga is brilliant Manga-type avatar creation tool. You start from scratch and start building your avatar starting from the face type and ending with makeup. When done, your avatar can be downloaded to your computer.
Make cartoon of yourself from scratch
If you are a fan of South Park you can use the series’ official website for creating avatars that look like South Park characters. You can choose any type of South Park character: adults, 4th graders, kindergartners  or Canadians. You can then choose their hairstyle, skin tone, clothes, etc. When you are done you can save your avatar or share it on Facebook. The site even lets you create a desktop background using the avatar you create.
Southpark character avatar
This is another site where you can create cartoon look-a-likes of yourself, friends or celebraties, inspired by the art style of South Park. This fanpage has existed for more than 10 years with regular updates.
another site to create southpark like characters of yourself
Dumpr Sketch produces a pencil sketch of the photos you provide it. One of the service’s unique features is that in addition to accepting photos stored on your computer, the picture can also be given pictures from Facebook, Picasa, or Flickr. You can also use the URLs of images if they are stored online.
pencil sketch from picture
Zwinky is a wonderful tool to cartoon-ize your pictures. The tool works through an Internet Explorer toolbar and works best on images with a white background. It provides lots of clothes and accessories for making custom characters. Just use your creativity to make a great avatar.
Portrait Illustration Maker is a simple web service that lets you create an online avatar from scratch. From the background image to the mouth shape of your character, from the facial hair to the body type, everything is customizable. When you are done, your avatar can be downloaded as a PNG image file.
make cartoon portrait

Simple but elegant interface to make avatars in Wii-style. Free to use, even without subscription.
create cartoon character

Perfect for the creation of a face-only avator or cartoon. Lots of possibilities and free to use.
face avatar or cartoon
At Toondoo you can create a cartoon of yourself. Besides that, you can also create your own comics and upload pictures to make a cartoon of it. You can sign up for free, but when you want to use all the possibilities, you have to pay in the end.
create cartoon faces and comic strips

This is a Facebook app which means that the easiest way to use it is to log in to your Facebook account. However, you can also download this to your iPhone or Android mobile phone.
This app lets you create an avatar or cartoon character version of yourself and your friends and put them in a cartoon strip that you can share with your social networks.
It will take you through about twenty steps, from choosing the shape of your jaw to your eye color. You can even choose glasses frames and whether or not you have freckles on your face.
Cartoon characters with Bitstrips
Then, choose your scenario. There are over 10,000 options. Once you pick one, you can finalize your cartoon. Then it will give you the option to share it on your Facebook newsfeed!
Cartoon with Bitstrips
If you have tried any of these sites to create a cartoon character or avatar of yourself, do share with us your experiences in the Comments below.

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